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  • How to Setup DevOps Team Structure for Business Success?

    Content What Team Structure is Right for DevOps to Flourish? What Is Software Development Teams Structure? Cloud & Devops Software Testing DevOps Department Structure 6: DevOps / SRE (Google model) Product Holder A program lead may, for instance, leave the requirement for a DevOps engineer, preventing themselves from looking into various benefits of forming a […]

  • 5 Effective Ways for Website Protection

    Educate every CMS user about the importance of passwords and software updates. Many hosts provide server security features that better protect your uploaded website data. If you are a business owner or CMS manager, ensure all employees change their passwords frequently. If your site’s software or applications are not up-to-date, your site is not secure. […]

  • Batch Test Your Natural Language Understanding Model Alexa Skills Kit

    Sometimes when building an NLU model for your application, you will need to handle user inputs that contain sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). Sensitive PII is personal data, not generally easily accessible from public sources, that alone or in conjunction with other data can identify an individual. Samples uploaded to a specific intent are attached […]

  • What is outstaffing and outsourcing? The difference between outsourcing and outstaffing

    Content Our IT Outstaffing Services We use the latest versions of the most effective technologies IT outstaffing services IT Outstaffing Services by Voypost Dedicated IT Specialists Virtual healthcare solution Hire qualified developers for your project. TOP TALENT ENGINEERS IN THE FOLLOWING TECHNOLOGIES Running a successful business means constantly looking for new talent and opportunities. Whereas […]

  • What is a Chief Technology Officer? Everything you need to know about the CTO

    Content CTO as IT Innovator Types of Chief Technology Officers What is the average salary for a CTO? CTO (Chief Technology Officer) job description template The Next-Gen Chief Technology Officer Technical Experience You should have experience leading your teams to successful project development and delivery. Technical experience is the most important requirement to become a […]

  • The different types of testing in software

    The depth of testing depends on the phase in the release process and the risk of the added features. They can either be complete, for changes added late in the release or deemed to be risky, or be very shallow, consisting of positive tests on each feature, if the changes are early in the release […]

  • 11 Best Freelance iOS App Development Experts Hire in 48 Hours

    The employer should look into how they also treat its Outstaffers and the opportunities it provides for. Check previous work references- Another thing that needs to be assessed is the level of satisfaction that previous hire an iphone app developer clients have over the app. Request a free consultation and get a no-obligation quote for […]